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Welcome to the Crime Scene Kosovo Audiobook Hub

Here, we bring stories to life to delight both your ears and your imagination. 

"The Missing Diary: Book 1", is narrated by the incredibly talented Corinne Davies. Her voice lends a unique depth and intrigue to the tale, making each chapter an auditory experience to be savoured. 

We've collaborated with Findaway Voices, ensuring top-tier audio quality for our listeners. This partnership guarantees impeccable sound and broad distribution, so no matter where you are, the gripping tales from Crime Scene Kosovo are just a click away.

Dive in, listen closely, and let the mysteries of Kosovo envelop you. Welcome to your next auditory adventure!

"The Missing Diary: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 1" audiobook has landed acros
s platforms like Audible, Kobo and Google Play! Dive in through these links and get ready for an audio thrill ride: and Audible:


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NOOK Audiobooks:

Audiobook cover of 'The Missing Diary' by Tasmin Turner, part of the 'Crime Scene Kosovo' series, narrated by Corinne Davies. The image features the engaging cover art, prominently displaying the book's title and author's name. Corinne Davies' narration adds depth and intrigue to the story, enhancing the listening experience. The cover design reflects the novel’s themes of mystery and suspense set in post-conflict Kosovo, appealing to fans of crime thrillers and international suspense audiobooks.
MissingDiary_SampleSample - The Missing Diary
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The Missing Diary

Crime Scene Kosovo Book 1

This sample of The Missing Diary gives  a taste of this captivating mystery. Follow international lawyer, Kit Chase, as she embarks on a dangerous journey to solve her first serious crime case in Kosovo. With Corinne Davies' powerful performance, you won't be able to stop listening to this exciting and suspenseful audio book. Get your copy of The Missing Diary today and experience the mystery and adventure for yourself. Available now on and other major platforms:

The Price of Justice

Crime Scene Kosovo Book 2

Get ready to add The Price of Justice Audiobook to your must-listen list. The production of this gripping legal thriller is now complete and the launch date is December 1, 2023. The talented narrator Corinne Davies, known for her work on The Missing Diary, continues to showcase her mastery of the craft with this new audiobook. Experience the riveting story of a dangerous game of power and corruption in the justice system, all while enjoying Davies' captivating voice.

Mockup image of Tasmin Turner's upcoming book 'The Price of Justice', part of the 'Crime Scene Kosovo' series, elegantly placed beside a cup of coffee. This image showcases the book cover, highlighting the intriguing title and author's name, set against a visually appealing backdrop that invites readers to dive into the story. Anticipate the release of its audiobook version, narrated by the talented Corinne Davies, known for bringing depth to the narrative. Perfect for fans eagerly awaiting this blend of legal drama and suspense in audiobook format.
PriceOfJustice_Retail_SampleCorinne Davies
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Image showcasing a mockup of the box set for Tasmin Turner's 'Crime Scene Kosovo' series, comprising 'The Missing Diary,' 'The Price of Justice,' and 'Explosive Reprisals.' This visual presentation highlights the captivating cover art of each book, unified in style and thematically linked to the series' focus on mystery and suspense in a post-conflict Kosovo setting. The collection is noted for its availability in audiobook format, expertly narrated by Corinne Davies, whose narration adds an immersive depth to the storytelling. Ideal for fans of intricately woven crime thrillers and those looking forward to experiencing these gripping narratives in audio form.

Explosive Reprisals

Crime Scene Kosovo Book 3

Coming soon in audiobook format

Halloween & the Black Sun

A Crime Scene Kosovo Novella

3-D mockup image showcasing 'Halloween and the Black Sun,' a seasonal novella by Tasmin Turner, part of the 'Crime Scene Kosovo' series. The image highlights the novella's striking cover, featuring vivid artwork that encapsulates the eerie and suspenseful mood of Halloween. This visual representation emphasizes the book's themes of mystery and intrigue, set against the backdrop of the engaging and complex world of the 'Crime Scene Kosovo' series. A perfect visual introduction to this captivating Halloween-themed thriller for fans of the series and new readers alike.
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