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The Series

As an Indy author, I don’t believe that there should be gatekeepers between writers and readers. I embrace independent publication, but at the same time, it can be difficult to cover all the editing and production costs upfront.

Your support is important to me. It encourages me to keep writing. 


Seasonal Novella

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The Author

Tasmin Turner is the author of the Crime Scene Kosovo Series, based in the early 2000’s in post-conflict Balkans. Tasmin lives in the heartland of New Zealand. After over two decades living in Europe and the US, she’s passionate about writing and enjoys frequenting  local cafes. 

"I have a passion for writing thrilling legal dramas set in locations where I have lived and worked. I have several university degrees including in politics, law, and international relations. I've experienced life firsthand in the places that I write about.


I am currently living in New Zealand and write under a pen name for privacy. As well as writing, I enjoy volunteering for causes that I support, such as rehabilitation of native bird species. I keep up my European language skills, such as French and German, and enjoy frequenting the wonderful local cafes in the heartland of New Zealand.


I invite readers to explore my books and connect with me on social media to stay up-to-date on your latest writing projects."

Hidden words, forbidden love, and danger around every corner.

When lawyer Kit Chase loses her job, a three-month job with an international law team in post-conflict Kosovo seems like the perfect distraction from the boring comfort of her life—and fiancé—in New Zealand. But with her first case, hunting down the head of an organized crime group responsible for the politically motivated sexual assault on a local woman, Kit realizes the conflict in Kosovo is far from over. And she’s right in the middle of it.

Kit finds herself caught up in a dangerous investigation and increasingly attracted to the Russian liaison officer, Sergei Sokolov, who’s involved in the case. A diary kept by a former Kosovo policewoman holds the key to convicting the crime boss. However, the ruthless killer will stop at nothing to keep the diary hidden, and no one is safe, including Kit and her team.


Her life in New Zealand seems further and further away as a war rages around her. But in a country divided by political intrigue and religious tension, friends can be enemies, and enemies can be friends, and trusting the wrong person can be deadly.


Book 1 

The Missing Diary

 This first Book tells the story of Kit Chase's first big case in the early 2000s, when a group of peaceful farmers were massacred, threatening the fragile peace. The chief suspect is also linked to sexual violence and Kit feels compelled to help the victim.

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Book 2 

The Price of Justice

The Second Book involves senior staffers in an international organization who put personal profit ahead of their humanitarian mission. Kit’s life becomes much riskier as she gets closer to suspects to solve a crime involving fraud and money laundering. She strays close to becoming a criminal herself. 

Kit expands her philosophy and perspectives on life exploring the intriguing city of Ljubljana. She makes connections with the criminal underworld, as she seeks solutions to a massive fraud and money laundering case. Her love life takes a darker turn.

Book 3

Explosive Reprisals

In Explosive Reprisals: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 3, Kit Chase, an international prosecutor in Pristina, takes on her most dangerous case yet. When an organized crime group sets off a series of explosive attacks in Kosovo, Kit finds herself caught in the crossfire. As she works to unravel a web of corruption and violence, she becomes a

witness and a target.

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