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The Price of Justice: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 2 by Tasmin Turner (2023)

Dangerous secrets, tangled love, and a deadly game of shadows

International lawyer Kit Chase confronts love, revenge, and dangerous conspiracies in a race against criminal masterminds in the heart of the Balkans. Determined to uncover the truth of a massive money laundering scheme at the highest levels of power, she discovers that the legal system she trusts is not enough to shield her or those she seeks to protect.

From Kosovo to Albania and Slovenia, Kit is plunged deeper into deceit with each revelation, battling vengeful adversaries at every turn. Armed with expertise in cryptocurrency and covert tactics, she strives to outsmart those who seek to silence her.

Amid the turmoil, an old flame rekindles, throwing her personal life into a whirlwind. In a world riddled with danger, Kit needs to outwit the criminals or risk losing everything she holds dear.

This is Book 2 of the Crime Scene Kosovo series. The Missing Diary is Book 1 of the series

ISBN registered with the National Library of New Zealand

978-1-9911924-3-1 The Price of Justice: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 2 Ebook
978-1-9911924-4-8 The Price of Justice: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 2 Print


Available on in e-Book, paperback and audiobook formats


Also available in paperback from IngramSpark and in audiobook on your favorite platforms

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