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The Dreamer’s Compass: Your Guide to Better Sleep and Richer Dreams 

Navigate your way to better sleep and a more fulfilling dream life

The Dreamer’s Compass:
Your Guide to Better Sleep and Richer Dreams is holistic guide curated to help improve your sleep quality and encourage vivid dreams. Authored by Joann Greig, an accomplished Active Dreaming teacher and Gateway Dreaming coach, this book is your passport to a more gratifying dream life.

The Dreamer’s Compass provides practical strategies and routines to improve your sleep environment, face nightmares effectively, and enhance your active dreaming skills. Along with this, the book features a workbook comprising self-care checklists, dream logs, and habit trackers, all aimed at deepening your dream understanding and supporting a more rejuvenating sleep.

Navigating the world of sleep and dreams can be challenging. Whether you're aiming to tackle sleep disruptions, decode enigmatic dreams, or improve overall wellness, The Dreamer’s Compass can guide you to a better sleep and richer dream life.

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ISBN registered with the National Library of New Zealand

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The Author

Joann Greig is a dedicated researcher and scholar with an impressive background in cultural astronomy, law, and international relations. Holding multiple degrees, she has studied heaven's portrayal in Western religions at the Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Her educational and personal journey has spanned the globe, earning degrees from institutions in New Zealand, the USA, and Europe.

Having lived and worked in a variety of regions from the Pacific area to Western Europe, the Balkans, and the USA, Joann brings a wealth of experience and global perspective to her work. Following a successful four-decade-long career in law and policy, she has returned to her native New Zealand to pursue her true passion: sharing transformative and life-enhancing approaches to dream analysis and interpretation.

Joann is a certified Active Dreaming Teacher, having completed all levels of Robert Moss's Active Dream Teacher training, and is also a trained Gateway Dreaming coach under Denise Linn. Beyond dream exploration, she has trained with Eastern Cherokee metis shaman Ai Gvhdi Waya in Soul Recovery and Extraction (SRE), with over 15 years of experience. Joann is also a certified Crystal Reader.

Her book, "The Dreamer’s Compass: Your Guide to Better Sleep and Richer Dreams", is a holistic guide designed to enhance sleep quality, encourage vivid dreams, and help readers wake up feeling refreshed. It is an embodiment of her comprehensive understanding of dreams and her commitment to enriching lives through active dreaming.

Joann is also the author of "A Short History of Heaven: Heaven in the Early History of Western Religions and Today". This book delves into the origins and significance of concepts about heaven found in Christianity and other cultures, offering readers the opportunity to explore their own thoughts and feelings about the subject. Her academic background and personal passion converge in this work, revealing the enduring importance of age-old beliefs about life and the hereafter.

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