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Explosive Reprisals: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 3 by Tasmin Turner (forthcoming)

In Explosive Reprisals: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 3, Kit Chase, an international prosecutor in Pristina, takes on her most dangerous case yet. When an organized crime group sets off a series of explosive attacks in Kosovo, Kit finds herself caught in the crossfire. As she works to unravel a web of corruption and violence, she becomes a witness and a target.


But that’s not all. Kit’s personal life is just as complicated as her professional one. With a new boyfriend and an old flame still in the picture, she must navigate the dangerous waters of love while fighting for justice. And when her long-lost father makes an appearance, she’ll have to confront a whole new set of challenges. 


Explosive Reprisals is a gripping legal thriller that will leave you breathless. Don’t miss out on this must-read book!

Coming soon in ebook and print formats.

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