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Audiobook Live: The Missing Diary

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Updated 26 September 2023

Dive in, listen closely, and let the mysteries of Kosovo envelop you. Welcome to your next auditory adventure!

New Release Alert! "The Missing Diary" is now live on Amazon in audiobook, narrated by the amazing Corinne Davies! Swap the comforts of New Zealand for the high-stakes tension of post-conflict Kosovo. Lawyer Kit Chase is on a dangerous quest to convict a brutal crime boss, all while juggling forbidden attraction to a Russian liaison officer. A hidden diary holds the key, but can Kit trust the right people in a place where enemies and allies blur? Your next thriller listen is just a click away.

Grab your copy now:

"The Missing Diary: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 1" audiobook has landed across platforms like Kobo and Google Play! Audible die-hards, don't sweat it—your version is coming down the pipeline. Dive in through these links and get ready for an audio thrill ride: and Audible :

Happy listening!

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