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🎄 Out Just in Time for Xmas: "Deck the Halls with Danger" by Tasmin Turner 🎄

Get ready to trim your tree with twists and turns this festive season! 🕵️‍♂️🎁 "Deck the Halls with Danger: A Crime Scene Kosovo Yuletide Novella" by Tasmin Turner is sliding down the digital chimney as an Ebook just in time for Christmas! 📚🎅

If you're a fan of tinsel-tangled mysteries and yuletide thrills, prepare to cozy up with our latest installment. And for those who love the rustle of pages along with their holiday rustle, stay tuned — the paperback version will soon be waltzing through a winter wonderland near you!

📖 Order your Ebook copy now and ensure this Christmas is one to remember — for all the criminally good reasons. Happy reading and happy holidays from Crime Scene Kosovo! 🎉

📚 Get your copy on : Enjoy a thrilling read this holiday! It's at a holiday price of $0.99 .

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It's out now in EBook, and paperback soon to follow.

What's it all about?

For the first time since joining the OIDC, Kit Chase feels almost relaxed. Her relationship with military policeman Owen Reese is blossoming, her cousin Paige is traveling from New Zealand to spend the holidays with her, and the festive ambiance of Pristina in December promises the chance for a white Christmas and a respite from the rigorous—and often dangerous—demands of her job as an international prosecutor in Kosovo.


Until the body of an unidentified man is discovered near the Christmas market.


A cryptic message hidden in fluorescent ink on the murder victim indicates the involvement of Black Sun and the notorious Siberian Vipers organized crime groups . . . and that something far more sinister is afoot. Further complicating matters, the flash drive Kit removes from the scene also implicates Sergei, the enigmatic Russian with whom she shares an attraction that is as dangerous and forbidden as it is undeniable.


Walking a tightrope between risk and reward, Kit is once again plunged into a web of shadows, secrecy, and intrigue as she struggles to unravel the mystery before everything implodes. Check out the trailer below!

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