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Delving into "Halloween and the Black Sun": A Glimpse of a Crime Scene Kosovo Seasonal Novella

"Halloween and the Black Sun" emerges from the evocative landscape of Kosovo, where tales of resilience, hope, and the challenges of diplomacy resonate. Drawing from my experiences, I crafted a story that intertwines Kit's New Zealand spirit with the complex backdrop of Kosovo, a realm rich in drama, tension, and suspense.

I've introduced seasonal novellas into the Crime Scene Kosovo universe, with the fierce and tenacious lawyer, Kit Chase, at the forefront. This particular novella, inspired by the eerie ambiance of Halloween, delves deep into the world of European extremist factions and the chaos they propagate. Kit appears as a woman whose instincts can sometimes eclipse her legal expertise.

My fascination with dream interpretation, the mystique of Tarot readings, and the allure of archaeology finds its way into this fascinating tale. An added layer of depth comes with the inclusion of Bambino and Max, our beloved canine companions from the series. Their unwavering loyalty and integral roles add a dimension of excitement and anticipation to the story.

At its core, "Halloween and the Black Sun" underscores the power of intuition and the significance of listening to our inner voices, especially in times of uncertainty.

A scene that holds special significance is Kit and her team's exploration of the archaeological ruins of Ulpiana in Kosovo. My passion for archaeology shines brightly, as the authenticity of global locales adds a unique texture to the narrative. Here, our loyal canine heroes play a pivotal role, leading the team to a crucial discovery.

In essence, "Halloween and the Black Sun" blends of suspense, self-discovery, and the profound impact of intuition. "Halloween and the Black Sun" is available on and in eBook and paperback. Enjoy! Tasmin Turner

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