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Discover Ulpiana: A Historical Gem at the Heart of Kosovo

Nestled in the heart of Kosovo lies Ulpiana, a captivating archaeological treasure. 🏛️

Deep within Kosovo, the ancient city of Ulpiana stands as a testament to times long past. Dating back to the Roman era, Ulpiana thrived from the 2nd to 4th centuries AD. Renamed "Justiniana Secunda" in tribute to Emperor Justinian, the city was once a bustling hub of commerce, art, and stunning architecture. Today, its silent ruins offer glimpses into this majestic past, with remnants of walls, basilicas, and intricate structures hinting at its glory.

Author Tasmin Turner seamlessly blends both real and fictional locations within Kosovo in her works, and Ulpiana plays a prominent role in her latest novella. In "Halloween and the Black Sun," readers follow Kit Chase as she navigates the enigmatic alleys and secrets of this ancient city.

Ulpiana's strategic location near present-day Pristina marked it as an essential urban center during the Roman and early Byzantine periods. As it flourished, Emperor Justinian I furthered its growth and prominence. Today, the haunting beauty and profound mysteries of Ulpiana enrich "Halloween and the Black Sun: A Crime Scene Kosovo novella" by Tasmin Turner, merging the allure of history with gripping tales of suspense.

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