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Captivating Review of "The Missing Diary" by BookTrib: What You Need to Know

Get the scoop from @BookTrib on The Missing Diary, a story that's making waves in the crime fiction world. R.G. Belsky, an award-winning crime fiction author and NYC journalist, dives into the story's depths, leaving no stone unturned. Need to know what's got everyone talking? Click the link to download a sample and read the full review: BookTrib's Review of The Missing Diary is at this link or click the button below . Don't miss your chance to get lost in a story that's gripping readers and critics alike.

Review Spotlight: BookTrib Dives into 'The Missing Diary'

As the book races along with one exciting event after another, the stakes are raised even higher for Kit when two separate attempts are made on her own life by forces trying to squelch her investigation.

It’s a wild, exciting ride that author Tasmin Turner takes us on in this fast-moving political thriller that draws on numerous real-life events in order to tell a wonderfully chilling story.

If you like Kit Chase once you’ve read this (and who wouldn’t!), there’s more of her on the way.

The Missing Diary is the first in a series of books from the author that are set in war-torn Kosovo and feature Kit as the heroine. Book #2 is The Price of Justice – in which Kit must uncover the truth about a massive money laundering scheme in an investigation that stretches from Kosovo to Albania to Slovenia.

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