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Sergei’s Thirteen Steps to Winning in Chess and in Life

By following these steps, anyone can become a master of the game and conquer their opponents with ease.

1. Visualize your victory: Imagine the outcome you desire and focus on that vision every day. The mind is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage and see the end goal clearly.

2. Engage in self-examination and discover what game play suits you best. Your strengths are your greatest weapons. Utilize them and watch your opponents fall.

3. Every game is a psychological struggle. To win, you must first know your opponent. Study them and play to their weaknesses.

4. Think ahead: Plan multiple moves in advance, so that you are always one step ahead of your opponent. Anticipate their moves and be prepared to counter them. Create multiple threats, so even if they counter one of your plans, you have others to fall back on.

5. Do not panic when you’re under attack. Keep your cool: Maintain your composure and stay focused on the game, even in high-pressure situations.

6. The game is constantly changing. Be flexible and adapt to the changes as they come. Things can get messy but winning is all that matters.

7. Control the center: Focus on securing the central area of the chess board and field of operations, to have the advantage over your opponent.

8. Embrace chaos: Use the confusion and disarray to your advantage. When the board is in disarray, seize the opportunity to make your move.

9. Be unpredictable: Keep your opponent guessing and off-balance. They will be more likely to make mistakes. Be like the wind, blowing where it will and hard to anticipate. Your enemies will never see you coming.

10. Sacrifice for gain: Be willing to sacrifice a lesser piece to gain a greater advantage in the game.

11. Be alert to the climax of the game and pay extra attention at this critical time to identify a hidden threat or opportunity.

12. Deceit and misdirection are weapons to disguise your true intentions in the game. Use them wisely and your opponent will never know what hit them. Confuse and mislead your opponent wherever possible.

13. Develop your pieces: Bring all your pieces into the game to maximize your potential for success. The queening of a pawn symbolizes the ultimate victory and is the pinnacle of strategy and planning. The transformation of a humble pawn into a powerful queen is the result of careful planning and execution, much like the successful completion of a mission. - from “The Price of Justice: Crime Scene Kosovo Book 2” by Tasmin Turner, 2023, forthcoming, (c)

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